1. The Helios Family

Helios is the Sun around which the solar system rotates and here it manifests itself as a metaphor for man. This metaphor aims to explain the concept behind the new collections, whose centre is the person. We wanted to create surfaces that the customer could customize according to its taste and feel fully represented. The customer will receive a complete package that can possibly cover the entire surface of the house.

Private project
With the utmost care, we guide our customers in the choice of models, materials and innovative solutions. We deliver a product that is unique, complete and studied in every detail.
We put the greatest accuracy on each step of the projects: from the research of high-quality materials and the selection of qualified artisans, to the engineering of the products and their installation on site.
5. Collaboration with architects

We often work closely with designers and architects, with whom we have matured wonderful collaborations. Some esteemed architect has offered its contribution in the development of new designs for wooden floors. We mention one among all: Architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri.

7. Are you looking for inspiration for a new project?

We are moved by the will to satisfy our customers’ requests giving shape to their imagination. Our designs may help your creativity forge a new project.