1. The method of Essenze

The Essenze method places the person at its centre. We want to give everyone the opportunity to realize its own idea of project, finding the right balance between the idea and its actual realization. For this reason, our job begins with the listening of our customers in order to define their necessities and ambitions.

2. How can we help you?
Do you have an idea for a project? We can execute it.
Let’s create a new project together
Get inspired by our creations.
4. Our history

It all started with a laser machine and a design software. These were the only instruments that Marco Galante had when in 1998 he began his activity in the field of wooden floors. In 2004 he founded La Brenta whose goal is the creation of precious inlaid wooden floor ever since. In 2009 we introduced resin inlays into production and in the following years we added other materials, such as metals, marble and leather. Finally, in 2010 we announced our new brand “Essenze”. The expertise we enhanced during the years waved the path to a one-of-a-kind method.

5. Materials

We have always believed in innovation as an engine for growth and improvement. In order to satisfy every need, we continuously search for new materials and study new combinations. Over time we have treated numerous wood species, as well as resins, marble, leathers and metals.

6. Team and persons

We advocate a policy that drives us to find the perfect balance between the initial idea of ​​our client and the product. We base our actions on transparency; this leads us to be honest and reliable in order to establish a climate of trust between our team and our customers.